When I am not writing - or rather; at the same time as writing, I am a mother to twin girls, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend. I drink tons of black strong coffee. I am learning to enjoy cooking (paleo). I lift weights and run. In winter, I ski. I read about a book a week - more if I'm researching - but nowadays get so frustrated if the writing is poor, I can't finish. Alcohol is not my poison. I love TV crime series, but don't watch TV. I am terrible at staying in touch with friends (but I do think of them every day). I do tons of laundry - no, seriously, tons. I clean the house. I drink more coffee. I kiss 'aouis'. I pack lunch bags. I solve fights by shouting (yes, working on that). I'm a great coach. I speak Swedish to my daughters (though they respond in English). I try to reduce our waste, our costs, and live small. Then again I forget. I love Paris. When I'm in the throes of a book, I'm super unpleasant. I generally miss the birthdays of everyone I know and love. With age, I've become too polite, a real pushover. I'm working on that, too. I worry about global warming. I can't bear having appointments to keep and if I have one I think about it all day and can't seem to do anything else. I cry when I watch the news. I call my mum every day. I'm a list keeper and, since having kids, this has become an obsession. 

We have just moved to Canmore, Alberta and are getting to know our new community. I keep looking at the mountains and can't believe I get to see this every day. Will I then ever tire?